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I think I might like him.

I tried not to think about it, but that kid really reminds me of ohtori, and it unnerves me.

Jiroh had to point it out. Stupid Narc... he always pulls shit like that right when I can't stop him. This time how ever I think he's right. That kid is really getting to me.  His smile... really gets to me. The way he can make anyone in the room laugh... gets to me. The wasy he can make me laugh ... gets to me. 
I have had this feeling before, when I first discovered I liked Otori... and now I think I might be liking him too. 

Its stupid to think that right? I sware this house is making us all insane. 

I think I might like him. 

So apperently saying I didn't want any one to come meant that Atobe-buuchou had to send Jiroh to look after me.


I guess it could be worse... he'll prbably sleep the whole time.
People here are freakin crasy. This morning I almost tripped on a wire in the hallway which was obviously hooked up to a bomb. A BOMB?! What are they trying to do kill us? is that even legal?

I would like to eat something first but thats not going to happen the kitchen is baracaded by those happy fluffy people. Oh well iv gone hungry before, I guess it will mak eme work harder.

Not that any one cares but i'll be pratcing on the court...
Ok... I understand that not every one goes to sleep at the same time. But I was woken up by one of my roommates.. i'm not sure which one, and it sounded kind of like a bomb hitting the bed. If I was not a snae person I would have thought we were under attack. Yet given how crasy this place is maybe it could happen.

other then that I had a pretty good nigths sleep... if insanity continues today I will seculed my self some where in the garden for some practice... so Id better take my stuff around with me today.

Well, hungry again off to the kitchen for toast.
I have yet to run into my other roommates.. they seem to be a bit mia at the moment. I guess thats better. Ohtori seems to think this will be good thing for me. That it might improve my mood. I'll improve his mood when I get back there.

Arugh.. can't ignore my hunger much longer. Every one seems to be outside at the moment... so I guess the kitchen is safe now.


I'm not sure what I'm doing here... or why Buchou said it would be "good training for me" These people are weird. This is the last time I loose a bet! THAT GAME WAS STACKED!


*shakes head*

Maybe if I call Ohtori... he's got to be freaking out about this.
He's going to be freaking out? I"M FREAKING OUT...

I bet that stupid mushroom head had something to do with this... was probably trying to steal my place on the team again... grrrrrrrrrr

I hate you all

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